South Beach Avenue welcomes Sushi Masaaki

South Beach Avenue welcomes Sushi Masaaki

The modern contemporary decor with its pink dancing Gucci cranes and the use of room dividers to mimic undulating mountains to a cascading wave of washi sheets suspended high on the ceiling to embody the beauty of Japanese clouds transforms to its intentionally simple decor in the main sushi dining counter. The sushi counter is made from a 250 year old Hinoki wood, sanded to a soft porous state to provide both a luminous visual from its natural glow the moment one enters the counter dining area and a sweet lemony smell emanating from within.

Helmed by 46-year-old Chef Masaaki Sakashita, previously of Ishi and Hashida Sushi, this new venture infuses his personal flare with traditional Japanese cooking techniques.

Look forward to a luxurious meal at Masaaki, carefully and artfully curated by the Chef. You can choose from the following options:

  • 7-course lunch (S$120++)
  • 8-course lunch (S$180++)
  • 9-course lunch (S$250++)
  • 8-course dinner (S$280++)
  • 10-course dinner (S$380++)

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