Anthony James: Reimagined from Opera Gallery

Anthony James: Reimagined from Opera Gallery

In partnership with Opera Gallery, Anthony James Reimagined sculpture will be on display at South Beach for viewing.


“Reimagined” – Combining cutting-edge techniques and concepts of Euclidian geometry, Anthony James creates his own visual language with light, prompting us to dive right into his world of infinite mirrored precision and futuristic paragons. They are ethereal, but casual; minimalist, yet intricate. As the light sculptures stand in the middle of the bustling city, they are juxtaposition to; a silent debate with familiar firmament, just by setting the night ablaze with something as simple as “light”.

Join us in an exploration of the ways in which Anthony James experiments with and sculpts the intangible, bringing light and matter together in a cosmic fusion of art, science and mathematics here at South Beach Level 1.

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