ThisConnect: Masks of Singapore Exhibition

ThisConnect: Masks of Singapore Exhibition

Masks of Singapore is a 6-month-long community engagement movement where ThisConnect invite people from all walks of lives, from local communities and heartlands, to connect deeply to themselves, to the present, and to the world around them. Through a 3-hour workshop that incorporates life coaching principles while using art as a medium, participants are guided through an introspective self-discovery process that engages their awareness at a deeper level to gain a deeper understanding about who, what and where they are right now and where would they like to be in their lives.

These 572 masks that were created in each of these mask-making workshops over the course of 6 months are a collective expression of what lies at the core of our being when we are given a safe space to be, to explore and to connect. When we strip our daily masks away, when we don’t feel the need to pretend, when we are allowed and encouraged to be ourselves, what does it feel like?

ThisConnect Masks of Singapore exhibition explores the deeper conversations that underpin the mental health struggles that many people are battling – consciously and unconsciously.

The exhibition is on displayed from now till 1 Feb 2022 at South Beach Tower Lobby, Level 1.

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